Elegance Beauty and Slimming Center
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Elegance Beauty and Slimming Center

1st Floor, Indira Apartment, Lane 11, Bhandarkar Road, Pune. 411004
Elegance Beauty & Slimming was designed with our clients every need in mind. They built Elegance as an intimate sanctuary to help you slip away from the daily grind and escape the pressures of city life, even if just for a little while. Their goal at Elegance is to provide the clients the best of both worlds.At Elegance our highly trained and dedicated staffs are committed to providing their clients with excellent service in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Elegance is a full service salon catering to all your hair & skin care needs along with Body reshaping treatments; including a full range of massages, make-up application and specialty treatments such as hair extensions and Brazilian blow-outs.
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makeup artist Bridal Make-up
makeup artist Hair Accessories
makeup artist Pre-Bridal Treatment
makeup artist Spa
makeup artistBride
makeup artistBridesmaids
makeup artistMother of the Bride
makeup artistMother of the Groom
payment typeCash
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User reviews for Elegance Beauty and Slimming Center
1 Review
on 17-08-2016
Please don't go there. I request you to read this before going there.Overall I found that they took money and don't provide any service on time, we have to visit frequently to use services. They charge for advanced services and provides normal services.I booked laser coupon from Groupon. I don't get result in 2 sessions so they told me took 8 more sessions for 8000 and taxes 1600 which is 9600 and 12 times costlier than grouopn. I purchased that package. After taking that package they always forced me to take other beauty packages which are 2-3 times costlier as compared to other beauty parlours. They says that we are giving you advanced treatment so it is costlier. I took that package also but they did not used any advance products. They are not worth. Those services are available in half price in other parlours. When I went for laser treatment after gap of 1 month, mostly they sent me back saying your hair growth is not proper. Last time when I booked laser appointment, they forced me to take other costlier services. When I was in treatment of other services, Shital came and told me that laser machine stopped working now and it will take 15 days to recover. I asked another lady (shahazada), since how many days the machine is not working. She said since last 2 days. Next day my friend called to take appointment and they booked for that day. Means machine was working yesterday and they lied. Also they wasted my sessions by giving laser shots at difference position. It so darkened my skin that I was was hiding it for 2 months. Also they do not cover all area of laser so it wasted laser sessions. They don't value for clients money and time
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