Rohit Narayan
Joined on 18-11-2014
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I wanted to host my brothers wedding. After screening through a list of hotels, we settled on this place for the wedding. When we were booking the venue, the banquet manager was courteous, but at the time of event, the hotel staff was extremely ignorant to our needs. We had to face many problems right from decoration to catering service. I had bad experience with this place.

2015-04-23 18:36:20

This venue is nice, catering service is also good, staff are also helpful but this place is very expensive as compared to other hotels, that provide similar services.

2015-04-23 18:37:26

Nice venue. I had organised my birthday party here. We had lots of fun. hotel service is best. loved it ;)

2015-04-23 18:39:57



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