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When you host a function and moreover a very important one, you are anxious, hoping that all will go well. You research through reviews and past experiences and opt for the best. On the day of the event, your meticulous planning is put to test and all you can do is hope for everything to go well, for your loved ones to be more than happy and for your guest to leave content. Unfortunately, luck was not with us when our child received her First Holy Communion on 28th April 2019. We booked the Regal Banquet Hall at Hotel Highway View (Shikara restaurant) for 80 + visitors. Little did we know that our Happiness would be reduced to Shame, little did we know that this big day, a very important … once in a life time day, would be a horrible memory that we would want to put behind us. Every parent would want best for their child but Hotel Highway View ruined that day for our little princess. Our happiness turned to artificial smiles that we had to put on, to pull through the function. There was a “STRONG STENCH OF URINE”, near the podium, right beneath the cake and nothing could be done about it. Guest who arrived earlier occupied tables which were more towards one end of the hall, while guest who arrived late had to bear with the stench. We complained twice, once to the supervisor and then once again to the manager Mr. Prashant Joshi. He examined the area and kept a janitor with a bottle of perfume spray right near the cake where the visitors were seated, to spray perfume as and when the smell grew strong. Our Hearts Sank, there was nothing we could do…nothing at all. The janitor eventually had to move out as the function began because we had to occupy the place to dance and for games and the smell remained throughout. We approached the managers for a refund of some amount due to the mishap caused by them, but we were bluntly turned down with an offer of a free lunch or dinner. Think twice before you book this place. They can ruin the best day of your lives leaving you helpless and at their mercy. They even said that starters will be served continuously, even during lunch. But being the host myself, I had to request the servers more than 3 times, pleading them to serve us starters. Some of the guests requested the servers to keep the starter platters on the table itself as the flow of starters was slow. Come lunch, the starters disappeared altogether. Moreover, the staff argued among themselves every time they were approached. Lunch was good, but the staff do not shy from helping themselves to the remaining food even before the host could leave the place. The receptionist helped herself to dessert whilst we were still settling the bill. If you ever choose this place for your function … I wish you luck.

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