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I really like Venue! It's a great space to watch bands, and I feel like I can always find somewhere to see them clearly without getting crushed to pieces.sound quality is great and the sightlines are even better.

2016-01-13 12:26:59

The hall in the Ballroom At Shangri La Eros Hotel was very nice to place with Shangri-La Ballroom with maximum capacity of 120.The overall service at this site of the rooms was good. The overall quality is good to be feel like heaven

2016-01-13 12:35:56

This hotel is in the heart of the city with good luxurious rooms at so cheap rate.From the restaurant till the room service it was a cool experience. Also the Air conditioning was too cool & we were to sort it out ... besides that everything was damn perfect.

2016-01-13 12:38:01

Everything was nice and I feel that it is one of the best hotels.Its affordable and the all the services are quite good. The best part is that there is a lot of cleanliness in this hotel.One most important thing this hotel was in budget TO PARTY HARD..

2016-01-13 12:42:20

This is more of a good engagement place rather than a good hotel.The overall hotel setup is quite good,and you can see that from the quality of wall paints and bathroom fittings.For its location, it is comparatively cheap than other nearby hotels.

2016-01-13 12:44:56

A superb venue, tastefully restored with an emphasis on its local heritage. It proved to be the ideal location for birthday party.the facilities,atmosphere Roof Top At Hotel Delhi Pride was great to experience

2016-01-14 11:46:20

Great venue with friendly staff who made the whole evening fantastic.I would definitely recommend great atmosphere highly recommend for a social gathering.

2016-01-14 11:47:33

Absolutely brilliant night, staff amazing ! Soo friendly and made us very welcome. Would definitely recommend to all ages Victoria At The Bristol

2016-01-14 11:48:56

it has great atmosphere and great staff, it is a real little gem to visit.Fantastic for birthdays, weddings,cocktail parties mitzvah's and a myriad of other events - the budget is good, food is good,staff are very helpful and the place looks great..

2016-01-14 11:53:10

It is a gem within hinckley,is much better than most city restuarants.The service was excellent.Every course was excellent and at a sensible price, discrete service and a relaxed unhurried atmosphere to spend a day

2016-01-14 11:56:52



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